Truly honored to be part of the list.  Thank you PepsiCo.

PepsiCo WIN partnered with Digitini to celebrate and honor some of the most influential women in the digital and technology communities with the PepsiCo Women’s Inspiration Award.

This year, more than 150 influencers came to the Digitini event at SxSWi to support nine honorees for their amazing work.

· Sara Haines – NBC, Today Show
· Laura Fitton – One Forty
· Babette Pepaj – BakeSpace
· Micki Krimmel – NeighborGoods
· Sara Holoubek – Luminary Labs
· Erica Anderson – Twitter
· Elisa Camahort, Lisa Stone & Jory DesJardins – BlogHer
· Beth Kanter – Zoetica
· Rachel Sklar and Emily Gannett – Change the Ratio

The main sentiment coming out of the lunch/awards presentation was women supporting and celebrating other women. Is there someone you know that is doing great things? Please let us know – as PepsiCo WIN will select one more honoree for 2011 the PepsiCo Women’s Inspiration Award.

To nominate a female digital leader, click here for more details.

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